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Yummy! We are hungry for these commodities.


  • Alpacas
  • Beef/Cattle
  • Dairy farms
  • Goats
  • Hobby/Gentleman
  • Livestock grazing
  • Llamas
  • Sheep


  • Corn/Soybeans
  • Cotton
  • Fruits (excluding melons)
  • Grains/Field crops
  • Hay/Alfalfa
  • Rice
  • Vegetables (excluding spinach/lettuce)


  • Berries
  • Christmas tree (no customer cutting)
  • Leased farmland
  • Nurseries – plant (wholesale)
  • Orchards (no U-pick)
  • Tree nuts
  • Vineyards/wineries

Not as scrumptious, but we could be convinced, call us!

These risks must have proper controls in place for consideration.

Custom Farming/Harvesting for Others:

  • Acceptable if the insured operates locally, harvests their crops, and has minimal receipts (less than $15,000) from harvesting neighbors’ crops.
  • No long-distance transporting of harvesting equipment.
  • No additional premium charge if custom farming is incidental and receipts are less than $5,000.


  • Personal use of draft horses by the insured for pleasure or farm work.
  • Generally, fewer than 10 horses.
  • No horse boarding, breeding, training, lessons, or rentals. Incidental horse boarding might be acceptable with proper Hold Harmless agreements. Refer agents to their underwriter.

Incidental hunting with acceptable controls.
Barndominiums – part living quarters, part barn.

Yuck! Not to our tastes.
The answer is no!

  • Equipment dealers
  • Grain elevator operations
  • Log homes or cabins
  • Logging/Timber operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Mills or yards open to others
  • Slaughtering operations
  • Vacant land or real estate investment property
  • Campgrounds/Dude ranches
  • Fishing ponds open to the public
  • Hayrides
  • Hunting clubs
  • Petting zoos
  • Resorts
  • Risks with SR-22 filings (auto filing for the state)
  • U-Pick/U-Cut operations
    (e.g., pumpkin patch, Christmas trees, fruit/berries)
  • Aviaries (birds)
  • Deer and/or elk
  • Dog kennels for boarding
  • Exotic animals (e.g., ostrich, lions, zebras)
  • Hog confinement operations
  • Horses (boarding, breeding, training, lessons, rental)
  • Poultry operations (incidental acceptable, with other operations)

The Fine Print

  • Gladius Insurance has just partnered with one of the Largest Preferred Farm/Ranch/Crop carriers in the country, A+15 Rated All Direct Bill. We are ready to meet your client’s needs.
  • Coverage is available in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

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