Welcome to Gladius Insurance Services, LLC.

We are very excited to start our new relationship with your agency. We strive to offer optimum service and fast turn around, serving as your all-around insurance gurus.

As a new agency, we require minimum premium payment upfront to bind coverage for the first few binds. Once we build a business together and have a few accounts on the books, your agency will be able to pay Gladius on invoice instead.

We need to set you up as a new agent in our system and need the following documents to process your first bind request:

1. Signed Brokerage Agreement
2. W-9 Tax Form
3. Property & Casualty License
4. Errors & Ommissions Verification


Brokerage Agreement
W-9 Tax Form

Please send the four requested items to Hailey.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office. Thank you!